Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Clare & Russ – NW London

I met Clare and Russ, way back when in Manchester. Loves young dream, they’re now married and living in this small but perfectly formed flat, tucked away somewhere near Primrose Hill. Both into music, Russ runs his own record label, Bad Life, which generally means, there’s a steady stream of music folk visiting their home.

Clare Louise Fitzpatrick Crank.
Russ Crank.


Chalk Farm, London.

Clare: Media Lawyer.
Russ: Manage bands and run a little record label, Bad Life

If you could be doing anything other than your day job, what would it be?
Clare: Movie Star.
Russ: Footballer obvs (not given up just yet).

How long have you lived at your place?
3 years.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
Clare: It is a sanctuary.
Russ: It’s where I sleep and read the paper in the morning. All surrounded by the wife’s shoes.

If you could change anything about it, what would it be and why?
Clare: I would move the walls out and make it palatial huge, four-poster bed in the middle of the room, more light, LOADS more natural light. 
Russ: Wife’s shoes. They take up ALL the space.

Tell me about the black and white pictures that adorn your bedroom walls?  
Clare: My heroes, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed and Russ's hero Neil Young. There's one of The Rolling Stones just cos they look like they're having a good shindig.
Russ: Music pretty much rules the house, be it the equipment blocking the hallway, the studio in the living room, the massive stereo. The photos are the elite of the elite though, our very favourite artists.

You're going to Glastonbury this year. Will you be making your tent a cosy den?  
Clare: We're basic-only folk, although this year we have invested in a blow-up mattress.  And as there's not much to choose from, I'd say my essential tent item is my Glastonbury wardrobe, which will consist of, carefully selected clothes all screwed up and damp in my old rucksack.  Life's a catwalk innit. Also, our best mates are getting married in a barn in Devon this August and we're camping in the surrounding fields with the wedding party and all our pals. As that is a more salubrious affair, I think we'll make more of an effort to pimp up our dwelling; gazebo, fairy lights, lanterns, mirrors, camp fire, Russ playing Boyzone hits on his acoustic guitar...
Russ: Not really, we’re pretty scummy campers. We always have the intention of pimping it up, but end up getting wasted and sleeping in a proper state.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
Clare: Dolly P, Pixies and Arcade Fire.  At our mates' wedding: Russ's Take That medley…
Russ: The War on Drugs, Jon Hopkins, Paul Heaton, Psychemagik, Jagwar Ma.

If you could invite anyone into your bedroom, who would it be and why?  
Clare: Michael Sheen. He has a lovely tone of voice.  
Russ: Emma Stone. I guess I don’t need to spell out why.

Tell me about your tattoos?
Clare: MIZPAH on my left foot – Hebrew for ‘watchtower’ and suggesting ‘God Watch Over Us Whilst We're Apart’.  There were a few reasons why I got this done: my mum has a ring with this on so it reminds me of her; because of the sentiment and the fact Russ and I were travelling a lot and spending time apart, I bought him a Mizpah ring for his birthday which he later had as his wedding band; and my best mate has it tattooed on her wrist so it reminds me of her, too. Cross and sun on my right wrist – symbolic of my mum and dad. I've got a horseshoe and a flock of birds on my right foot symbolising my two sisters, niece and nephew.
Russ: It’s a line from my favourite song, From Hank To Hendrix by Neil Young, New glass in the window, new leaf on the tree. To me it’s a really hopeful and positive line.
Have you ever had a tattoo together? Would you and what?
Clare: We've been and had tattoos at the same time but we've not got matching tattoos.  A lot of my tattoos are linked to him.  He was with me when I had ‘C'est le cœur qui sent Dieu’ on my back.  That one is about him.
Russ: Would you and what? I guess it’d be pretty cheesy... but I’ve got a little Eiffel tower tatt, which is about Clare.

What makes you happy?
Clare: Feeling free. 
Russ: Walking around Regents Park with Clare.

What makes you sad?
Clare: Getting things wrong, lost time, OCD moments, loved ones being upset.
Russ: Not a lot!

What would you save if your bedroom were on fire?  
Clare: Russ. I don't care about anything materialistic in here, so it would just be any human beings that were in the bedroom at the time. 
Russ: My jackets.

Naked or bed clothes?  
Clare: Tonnes of layers, I like sweaty sleep.
Russ: Bed clothes!

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