Monday, 28 July 2014

Lewis – East London

Name: Lewis Fieldhouse.

Born: Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Live: Whitechapel, London.

Job: Musician (indiscriminate writer, performer, producer, artist).

Dream Job: Songwriter.

Tell me about the place you live?
I live in an old textiles factory – it’s in a terrace area marked by Tower Hamlets Council as a renovation area. The area is getting a ton of money ploughed through it at the moment and cross rail is going to arrive soon. So I suppose when that happens, people like me are going disappear from the area. Sweet.

What does your bedroom mean to you?
My bedroom means a lot to me. I decorated the thing from scratch, when I moved in I was sleeping on a really uncomfortable mattress on the lino floor in October 2013. It was freezing. I had a sleeping bag and a duvet but I still kept waking up shivering from being too cold. I got myself a heater and took up some of the lino to reveal the floorboards which I sanded by hand, painted the walls, put a carpet down on the rest of the lino, moved all my stuff in which I inherited from my grandma when she went into her nursing home and there you go. So I’ve invested a lot of time and effort to make my room a place I really like being in. I think in all the rooms I’ve ever lived in (apart from my room at my parents house) it’s the one I like the best. The acoustics are shit though and it’s loud as anything. I can’t record anything really.

What inspires your music?
Stories inspire my music. Narrative plays a huge roll in how I write and what I write about. I love telling stories about dead beats and rejects and alcoholics and gamblers. There’s a romance in those characters. I wrote a song recently about a Russian guy who falls in love with a guy from work and they have this secret love affair – until the government take him away and he has to live the rest of his life without him. It’s the stories I like. Songs are just a nice way to give them to people. In the words of Paul Simon, Songs are nice.

What was the first instrument you learnt to play and how did that come about?
I learnt the piano for a while but wouldn't practice. But I still remember my teacher – an old man who must have been at it his entire life. I remember his demeanour, kind and gentle. I then took up the clarinet to much the same effect and only stuck with guitar when I first picked it up at 15.

Is there an instrument you'd like to play and why?
Trumpet - because of Miles Davis.

Old school clothes airer... Do you use it?
I found it on the street and hooked it up to my ceiling. It took my housemate, Benjamin Murphy, and me about half an hour to get it there. It’s pretty sweet! I use it all the time.

What makes you happy?
Music makes me happy. Singing makes me happy.

What makes you sad?
Good question. I’m quite hard on myself so I suppose I make myself sad. Food waste makes me angry.

You're a Trekkie? Can you speak Klingon, or is that a really stupid question?
I love star trek, but not enough to learn Klingon. Kap'la!

Tell me a joke?
Two fish in a tank. One turns to the other and says, 'How do you drive this thing?'

What book are you reading - tell me about it?
Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite. It’s a book about thinking in different ways about problems and solutions. My best mate Daniel Shay gave it to me. He's a Glasgow based artist and we've known each other since we were 7. He constantly makes me think differently. The book has made me freshen my perspective in a couple of ways. I tend to look at myself as an artist and only see the music, when I should look at other things as well. I have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees sometimes.

If your bedroom were on fire what would you save?
My guitars and my hard drive. The rest can burn – it’s only stuff. But my guitars have a soul and my hard drive has all my creations on it.

What song do you always find yourself going back to?
I've been a fan of the beach boys for as long as I can remember. We used to have their greatest hits on it the car on long summer drives to Spain and it was always god only knows that stuck with me. One of the best songs I've ever heard for so many reasons – the sentiment, the sound, and the arrangement. It's all genius. 

What's your favourite swear word?
Favourite Swear word – Fuck.

Naked or bedclothes?
Bed clothes - just boxer shorts actually. 

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